Closing “Lets Build A Church”

This week we close our “Lets Build a Church” sermon series.  We covered three areas.

  1. True North
  2. The Empty Chair
  3. Blessed Unrest

From this series we will launch into our next one – a series closely connected – titled “Dream.”

Through the process of these two series we hope to effectively communicate where we are traveling as a congregation.  There is actually great fun imagining the future.  Of course there will be the dynamic tension, noted last week between the known and the unknown.  It is not for us to “solve” that tension.  It is our job to “manage” it.

Many churches struggle today because, unfortunately, they are far more comfortable with the “knowns” than with the “unknowns.”  Yet the “known” really remains relegated to the past.  As noted, the days of hanging up a particular denominational “shingle” as being the key to growth are behind us.  2 years ago I attended a small church where the big announcement was the new sign.  That was painful to witness because the roadside sign is no longer the most critical interface with the world.  The most critical interface frankly has migrated to different environments.

We are blessed with being in a place where we can, with God’s guidance, figure out new and ever more effective ways to serve. To find the blessing however, we need to live in the unknown, and actually – GULP! – get comfortable with it.


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