An Invitation to Help Write Sermons

At NCL, our sermons are the result of many conversations.  The process begins and ends with teams of volunteers who help with everything from the initial ideation to find implementation.  That is how it should be if we are to offer services that really meet people’s needs.

We are expanding our sermon writing team to pull in more of an on-line presence.  If you are interested, here is the specific way to go about joining us.

  1. Meetings are 2:45 PM to 3:30 PM, Thursdays
  2. If you are interested in receiving an “invite”, send an email to by 2:30 PM the day of the meeting
  3. An email invite in return will be sent to you from our WebEx account.
  4. Step one – follow the email directions for the call in feature via your phone.
  5. Step two – follow the email directions for visual/ video via your computer.
  6. Share your thoughts with us!

I chair the meetings and we use the time to discuss the sermon that will be delivered the following Sunday. It is very fun meeting – thought provoking and inspirational.

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