Moving from “Grey Water” to Fine Wine

In discussing the challenges of moving from “grey water” to “fine wine” the question becomes, “How do we do it?”

First, what is the challenge?  The challenge centers on moving our intimate relationships from the “grey water” of simple maintenance into a place of the best of what a loving relationship offers.

That is a hard threshold to pass through.  Maybe, one possible way to view it is to look at what holds us back.  And one possibility is the idea of “perfection.”  There is a way in which couples and friends who are deeply connected appear to have moved beyond needing the other to be perfect.  They manage to dismiss areas dominated by our impoverished selves and to celebrate areas of true strength.

New Church theology is clear – the concept of “fault” unnecessarily complicates the vicissitudes of  life.  Restated, the ups and downs of relationships won’t kill us.  It is the application of “blame” and “fault” that will.   Blame and fault often are simply the ego’s attempt to control – an attempt growing out of a selfishness loved concerned only with the individual’s agenda.

I look forward to hearing what Mary Ellen and Paul Mundy – married 50 years – have to share this week.  I know most of us I imagine are still in the “grey water.”  I know a blessed few who appear to really be in the fine wine time.  It will be fun to celebrate it!

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