What Will The Re-Organized NewChurch LIVE Look Like?

This question has come up numerous times.  Calling it a “new direction” actually leaves me a bit uncomfortable.  The fact is we are continuing in the same direction – no change.  Under the leadership of David Childs and this incredible team, the direction originally charted remains the same.  The forms will look different.   The heart is a loving community of people focused on creating a Monday morning church – a life for others without claiming cultural or spiritual superiority – a caring life informed by faith – eye level Christianity.   That is our base.  That is our DNA.

What will remain the same?

  1. Sunday Service, 10:30 AM, Mitchell Performing Arts Center
  2. Relevant Messages
  3. Live Music
  4. Video Support (Limited)
  5. Online services (Limited)
  6. KidsLIVE
  7. Small Groups
  8. Volunteer Opportunities (Increasing)

Important to note, we will ask for increased help from the congregation in making the above happen.  With a smaller team, we need a much larger team of volunteers.  The service will not have the finely polished look and feel it did.  And we will do our best to make Sundays great as a way to serve those in need.

So if someone complains about what is missing, hand them a “Partnership Agreement” and an invitation, “Well lets make it better!”

One Response to “What Will The Re-Organized NewChurch LIVE Look Like?”

  1. Lillian B says:

    Cool. So cool. Friend of mine connected with the New Church was telling me that Swedeburg, or however you spell it, taught that priests are to be in charge of churches, or something like that. Not sure I buy into Swedburg myself, but was wondering why you peeps don’t follow what he teaches, having a lay dude as the leader as you do. I thought I saw somewhere on your site how you believed in what he says.

    Just a puzzled outsider.


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