Over our year and a half in existence, NewChurch LIVE met with many successes, none more important than the growing core of people who found a spiritual home where before we had none.

Our ambitions for success were great.  We met many of those measures and fell short on others.  Over that time, it has become increasingly apparent that the initial model we created is not financially sustainable.  What that means is that we need to take the necessary, prudent steps now to ensure the long-term financial viability of New Church LIVE.

The painful part of the process is right-sizing our budget.  That includes layoffs.  Many involve those who brought the concept of NewChurch LIVE to fruition, work that began long before I arrived as Senior Pastor.   Words of gratitude do not do justice to the heartfelt thanks for the invaluable contributions our professional team made to this endeavor.  They created a living church.  That is no small feat.  It took not only professionalism in a variety of areas but real dogged determination to bring this church to life.

We have come to a point, through their efforts and yours, where we are an established congregation, over 200 strong gathering every week in worship and service.

Many will ask what they can do.  First and foremost, join me in supporting our original team at this difficult time.  Please join us on Sunday, February 6th at special NewChurch LIVE service as we celebrate and honor their contributions.

Secondly, I want to continue that quiet call for us – the “we”- to continue that work of building this spiritual home – NewChurch LIVE.    This is our church – our work to take up in the spirit of service that true Christianity calls us to, a New Church Christianity of life lived for others without claiming cultural or spiritual privilege, a caring life informed by faith.  To that end, we will announce “next steps” over the next couple of months at our Sunday service.  There will be many places to pitch in.

Important to note, we will continue to meet for worship on Sundays.  We will continue our small group programs.  We will continue our engagement in community service.  As we grow and develop stewardship practices that allow us the financial resources to re-enter the online world through professional grade video, we will do that.  In the meantime, we will use lower quality video and Podcasts in the foreseeable future to serve our online audience.

To close, words will fail to ever appropriately convey the gratitude I have and that I know many, many of you share for the very existence of this church – a group of people trying to do church in a living way.  To say goodbye to parts of that endeavor is certainly hard.  So to the team, from the very depth of my soul, and on behalf of this congregation, thank you.


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  1. Mac says:

    Speaking as a fellow pastor and church planter–and also as a former business owner who years ago had to lay off good friends in order to save the jobs of the rest of the organization’s employees–let me say I am with you all in prayer as you reorganize. I admire your church’s continued commitment to connect people together under the Lord. I know how challenging this work is, and I know how plans and reality need frequent reintroductions to one another. Thank you all for the good you have accomplished to date, and I am looking forward to the good that will come from this next chapter as well. God bless you all.

  2. Chuck.Blair says:

    Thanks Mac. It is not the easiest of times but the team was great today. We really have a quite a group. Thank you for the prayers.

  3. New Comer to NCL says:

    I don’t understand why at any given point in the last few months was it never mentioned that the NCL Program was in financial jeopardy. I heard “please put your financial donations in the bucket when we pass it around”. I did not hear if you don’t make large size donations right now certain things that you enjoy here may cease.

    I have seen fund raising events where there is a big poster board showing in red how much money was raised on a thermometer and how much more money is needed in order to accomplish a certain goal. I have never seen nor heard this at NCL. The NCL congregation appears to have grown each and every week which is awesome. Many people join NCL for religious reasons and spiritual reasons. People want something that they feel can’t be messed with or taken away from them such as NCL. It brings a sense of peace and comfort knowing that they can count on something each and every week. It is unsettling knowing that the management (or board that came up with a financial stability plan) did not analyze it properly. This message is so similar to what I have read about the Church’s other financial matters and financial plans. Is anyone seeing a pattern here?

    It is understood that mistakes can happen. Perhaps congregants should have been informed months ago that unless each and every person donates $50 (or whatever the amount that was needed) each time they attend or attended NCL that NCL will or would not be able to be financially stable and solvent and that the things that the congregants have come to love and enjoy may no longer be available.

    We all know that life is hard and one thing people I think believe in is that they can fall back on their faith and that it will still be there during good times and bad times. I am not saying that NCL will not be there I am simply saying that many people became accustomed to what has been offered at NCL and now an impression may be left in congregant members minds as to what else is next to be axed or taken away. They may question themselves and ask is the Church going to be ok and around in the near future. Should I seek another Church? It is unsettling for congregants who are new to the NCL services see that the things that they have come to love may disappear.

    I am not sure but it appears that the primary and secondary schools have the same financial philosophy and that is it cost a certain number of dollars to have a student attend the school but all we ask is that you pay a small percentage of the true cost of the child’s education. Doesn’t this type of financial plan not even pass Economics 101. How long until this type of plan fails. It just does not make sense.

    I feel bad for those that have donated so much of their time and I really do hope that financially speaking NCL pulls thru and can or will in the future be able to offer what they have done such an amazing job offering so far. Tough times call for change. I do not believe that it is the economy so much affecting this change with regards to NCL but simply the fact of poor financial planning and with that in mind it creates greater concern in congregant members minds as to who is steering the ship.

    I believe that in the future keeping congregant members apprised of things such as financial instability or the need for a certain number of dollars to be raised in a certain period of time will benefit everyone. It will make everyone feel as though they are part of a team and people will I believe step up to the plate as they can determine for themselves what will happen if these goals are not met. They will be directly responsible somewhat for the success or failure of the situation but leaving congregant members completely unaware of this financial problem was both irresponsible and wrong.

    I wish all well to those that have contributed so much to NCL.

  4. Joanne says:

    I love NCLive and was also very sad to hear of the layoffs involved. I know very little about the details and I know I have a propensity to take the little information I have and act like I know enough to have an opinion. (I guess that is my disclaimer).

    NClive is a relatively new venture. I have been involved in many start-up projects in my life. And one thing is for sure…. where you start, is often not where you end up next. You have vision and ideas and hopes and dreams that are the foundation of the project. And over the years you take the feedback, the information, and the vision evolves and changes.
    NCLive was founded on amazing principles and was truly God-led. The leaders and workers and volunteers have been passionate about building a church that is open and welcoming and gives a message that is directly applicable to our regular, everyday lives.

    Should NCLive have been more open about the financial challenges it faced? Perhaps. I suspect it isn’t that simple. I also have great faith in the next chapter. And I look forward to helping wherever I can in the next chapter.
    Thank you all of you who have given their blood, sweat and tears in building this wonderful church.
    We have been blessed.

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