NewChurch LIVE Reorganization: FAQ

I wanted to take the opportunity to answer some of the questions we are receiving.

Is NewChurch LIVE ending?

No, NCL is not ending.  We are restructuring in order to ensure our financial stability moving forward.  We have met with a great deal of success at our current location.  The original model anticipated however a much wider base of those accessing NCL via the internet for use in “satellite services .”  That did not materialize.  Therefore we need to proactively move to a new model.

Our last full team service in February 6th.  The next week, February 13th, we launch our a series on relationships.  We will do a series on the new model – “Want to Build a Church?” – in March.

Has the mission changed?

No, no, and no.  The mission remains the same.  There is a lot of language around it and whether one says “A Monday morning church”, “A church lived for others without claiming cultural or spiritual superiority”, or “Eye level Christianity” it is all the same.  Our focus is the “other.”  It is service.  It is a caring life informed by faith.   That is what the New Church is all about.

I didn’t know NCL was in financial distress.  Why wasn’t I better informed?

We obviously could have done a better job communicating.  We will attempt to do a better job in the future.  Glenn Bostock, a member of the Pastor’s Council, will be working with us to develop a financial “dashboard” as a way to track and communicate clearly our financial condition.  We will also be forming a team to handle stewardship, the seeds of which were planted in the Pastor’s Council.

Also important to communicate that fund raising in churches is always tricky – many want approached and many do not.  We will be more candid about financial needs. And my hope is that we can all frankly see stewardship as an opportunity to share what God has blessed our lives with and invest in this endeavor.  My hope, specifically, is that people consider tithing or percentage gifting.  We will talk more about this in an upcoming series.

Our decision to downsize was done in reality as a proactive measure.  We chose it.  We wanted to be in front of the curve, developing a financially responsible plan not in 5 years but now.  While a church is never about money, financial health whether in the home or the congregation is important.  It shows what we value.  We value being responsible.   In so doing we create a solid foundation that does not only serve our current partners, but serve others well into the future.  The church could thrive in different ways as more volunteers involve themselves.

What issues are getting tackled and when?

In order, our first priority is getting a service up and running on February 13th.  Second, returning to some sort of online presence.  Third, launching ministries.  And fourth, creating a Board of Directors.

What about the Team?

That is hands down the hardest part of this entire process.  These are amazing people who not only did a job but lived a job.  They were so creative because they cared so much.  Some will stay in part time roles.  Others will move onto new employment. We will honor what they created on Sunday, February 6th

What about the new Team?

The new full time team is Angela Cooper (Executive Assistant) and myself.  We will be joined by Kyla White who will help us for several months with transition.  We will staff part time positions in KidsLIVE, Music, Production, and Content Development. We also have a live band.

What can I do?

  1. Prayers: Keep the team members impacted by the reorganization in your prayers.
  2. Volunteers: Surveys are coming out this Sunday.  This is an opportunity to really step up.
  3. Stewardship:  It is all a gift.  By supporting this church financially you are investing in something that makes a difference in people’s lives.
  4. Invest and Invite: Invest in relationships.  We are all here for each other.  Call a friend.  Send a note.  If God gives you the words and the opportunity to invite someone to a NCL program, do it.  And, if the opportunity does not arise for that invitation, the simple investment in others is so much the Christian message.


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  1. Jenny Childs says:

    Thanks for this update. I look forward to filling out a survey to see where I can help going forward. Lots of love to you!

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