“I think of heaven. I think of earth. I can think of both at the same time?”

“The correspondence between heaven and a human being is in fact complete.” We are in a miniature heaven at our best, and a miniature hell when at our worse.   And, heaven wins.

The idea written of above comes the from book “Divine Love and Wisdom” by Emanuel Swedenborg.  It speaks to that core correspondence, core co-responding that occurs heaven to earth, earth to heaven.  The two are sown tightly together.  We are part of that fabric as well.

One author phrased it in an interesting way.  We can view hydrogen.  We can view oxygen.  That is the dualistic mind, one that is challenged by the paradoxes core to a spiritual life.  The unitive mind, the unitive consciousness can see the third way to hold both – aka “Water.”  That model helps me to understand correspondence.  Hydrogen and Oxygen can be held separately just as earth and heaven can.  Or we can choose a third way of seeing – “Water” – in which heaven and earth, angels and men are seen as closely connected, even interwoven together.

That third way is no small thing.  Imagine what water can accomplish.  And, it is not to say that hydrogen and oxygen are without value – they clearly are and life depends on their separate existence as well.  But without the three – the two elements and what they become when they combine together, life would not exist.

So pull them together!  Live that co-responding.


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