When Life Come Around Right

The vast majority of folks who find “faith” as it were come to it slowly – a long process of ebb and flow.  Others on occasion are gifted with a moment in time when it all “clicks”, when it all falls together.  I think of Bill Wilson of “12 Step”/ Alcoholics Anonymous Fame who experienced the “God of the preachers” in a room “infused with light” – a fascinating account given Bill’s rather staid, pragmatic view of faith.

As a Pastor, one sees it all – the slow steady building as well as the “moment.”  Both are fun.  Both are true. Both are transformative.  Both leave me excitedly curious about the wonder of God’s plan and His movement in this life.

It seems what we do is just keep “spreading the seed” as the parable reads.  That “spreading” both internal and external.  Maybe we witness both of the above forms of growth and different points and times in our lives as well as in different areas.  Regardless – what a blessing!

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