One of the primary motivators of human behavior appears to be “safety.”

Safety is a key concern.  I want my children to feel “safe.”  I want our congregation to feel like a “safe haven.”  Small groups thrive when everyone feels “safe.”

And the pursuit of safety can be stifling when taken to an extreme.

It is interesting fodder to run an individual anxiety back through the wash so to speak to find what “safety” need was triggered.  I know much of my anxiety and compulsive thoughts grow from situations where I feel my safety threatened.  That threat is predominantly illusion – pure mental lower-self noise based on thoughts patterns that run quickly to the most catastrophic result (and important to note the most unlikely result!).  When my safety is threatened – “safety” as I define and perceive it – I visualize the place as being as unsafe as imaginable.

As is often noted, the most often given command in the Bible is “Fear Not.”  Hmm … an obvious connection to safety.  What if we exercised that command and our our thought pattern became …

  1. Here is the anxiety over “x”
  2. Note how it is attached to “safety”
  3. Prayerfully go to the place where you can acknowledge in stillness that you are already “safe” – to use the Daniel story – God closed the Lion’s mouths.
  4. From the safe place, either dismiss the concern or act on it from a centered, un-anxious place.

Maybe we eventually we get to the place where the starting point is #3  I think that was one of Jesus’ primary goals with the disciples and a key part to the “Good News” – the Good News that we are “safe” despite the world that swirls around us.

There is a deeper way of knowing than safety!

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