Constructing Life vs. Managing Life

An author made the above point, one that is hard to refute.  His words are that it is easy to move life away from questions of how to construct life into questions of just how to manage life.  Absolutely spot on.

How much time do we really spend considering life in its complete fullness?  Do we often enough enter into the profound acknowledgment what we are actually co-creators of this life, this culture?

If we choose to look at these kinds of questions, I believe it dangerous to castigate “culture” as the enemy.  Culture is what culture is.  The “enemy” as it were is when we fail to recognize that it too is a human creation.

I think the Christian message is one that acknowledges culture and uses the symbols of culture but refuses to be merely window dressing for cultural apologetics.  Jesus consistently calls us to look with new eyes, to see differently – to stand aside from culture as we seek to construct life.

Christianity, as I understand it, is a learning, in part, of how to develop both deeper and newer ways of knowing as part of this construction project.  That is the power of parable – things are not what they appear.  There is always a deeper, more profound, and yes even more satisfactory way of seeing!

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