True Life

“True love is love to the Lord, true life is the life inherent in love from Him, and true joy is the joy of that life.” Secrets of Heaven

Living into “true life.”  Funny how often we do get caught up in living a “true life” that may be wide but very shallow when what God may well be calling us towards is depth.

Living into true life, life that is part and parcel of living into God’s love, does make that demand of depth – a far different demand than our culture often makes of numerous, wide ranging experiences as the path to life.

Interesting reading an article sent to be by Rev. Mac Frazier, an article written by Helen Keller.  Given how most of us would define “living life” her experience fascinates because there is little in way of “experiential happiness” as many might define it given her blindness and deafness.  And yet she writes of being clearly happy.  Within the confines presented her, her world did break open and while clearly her range of experiences was indeed broad – far broader than many – her challenges clearly limited the range of “experience.”

What broke open was the present.  Finding the blessing where she was, where she stood.  “I do live in a beautiful dream; but that dream is the actual, is the present – not cold, but warm, not bare, but furnished with a thousand blessings.”  She was living the life inherent in living from God’s love, and the true joy growing out of that life.

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