“Spiritual power is to desire the well–being of another.”

We search for spiritual power.   One provocative book placed a legitimate and weighty caveat on that pursuit.  The book’s focus – “How to save your faith from the American dream.”

It is easy to transpose the spiritual search, the spiritual path onto the American dream, a dream that in turn promotes self-assurance, self- sufficiency, self-realization.  The self the American dream seeks to serve vs. the self God yearns to bring to life are different creatures.  Restated, the transposed American dream -”Spiritual power is to desire the well-being of one’s self.”  The Christian dream – “Spiritual power is to desire the well–being of another, and to desire to give to another as far as possible what is within you.”  (Emanuel Swedenborg)   From one, life springs from independence.  From the other, life, salvation, springs from partnership.

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