Small Groups/ Community Groups

Small Groups/ Community Groups are the very core of church life.  For NewChurch LIVE, they are our “win.”  What is that they are so critical?  What does NewChurch LIVE offer?

The Need To Be Known And Loved

People join churches largely out of a desire to find meaning and connection.  We of course imagine people joining for reasons of the theology.  That has not been, in my experience, often the case.  Small groups help to focus that desire for meaning and connection into an environment where folks can be known and loved.

The Need To Be More Than Ourselves

Small groups not only hold and cherish but push and challenge.  In a recent small group, the group leader frankly called on someone who appeared retisant after only speaking a few words with the phrase, “You are not getting off that easy.”  I have witnessed that time and time again.  It is not a “free to be you and me” approach but a “once more into the breach” approach that stressed, “and I will be with you all the way.”

Because It Is What God Wants

Clearly small groups are closely aligned with the Christian message.  Jesus needed His own of sorts – 12 disciples.  The God of the Universe could have easily done it by Himself but that appears contrary to the Divine Plan.  He modeled a form of sharing life’s blessings, breakings, joys, saddnesses, wisdom, food etc… with a trusted group of friends.

One piece of New Church theology that further speaks to the above is a statement Swedenborg made.  He believed we come to know ourselves by reflecting on thoughts, actions, motivations but that we only we truly to know ourselves when we allow others to share their reflections about us as well.    As one dear friend put it, there is who I think I am.  There is who you think I am.  And there is who I am.


We strongly urge you whether you are frequent attender of NewChurch LIVE or not to consider joining a small group.  We offer a wide variety – some that are merely a fun way to stretch and get to know others, other groups that more geared for deeper spiritual work.  Look at our offerings and see what grabs your attention!

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    is there still room for us to join the small group ” Couples Enrichment Workshop”?

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