Every love has a purpose.  Purpose pushes us thr0ugh fears.  Discovering purpose adds direction and power to our lives.

When “lost in our thoughts” though that purpose is hard to discover.  God’s voice and His vision for us become obscured by the illusions created by our fretful minds, minds tossing and turning constantly, weighing and categorizing.

That is not where we will be able to find God.  Rather consistently, after giving a sermon, I get “lost in my thoughts.” What went right. What did not.  Where did I mis-speak.  What did I fail to speak to.  Who did I support.  Who did I offend.  Crazy stuff.   One avenue to right the ship is to refocus on the purpose of ministry – teaching God’s truth that leads to a good life.  I think many of use share those same challenges in work and in our sacred relationships and battle to re-orient ourselves to purpose.

As such journey is about constantly rediscovering “purpose.”  Rich Rohr once spoke that we all should pray for at least one humiliation a day.  Good words.   Small humiliations, small “trips and stumbles” may start to create the fertile soil for really discovering God.  For the fact is “being lost in our thoughts” rarely (never?) yields results.  What yields results is not then the resolution of the being lost in our thoughts but the giving up even of the being lost there to God.  We don’t sort the jumbled basket.  We turn it over to God.  From that place, we will re-find purpose.  We seem to need to get good-and-crazy though before we give it over!


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