Losing A Thought, Gaining Your Soul

I was listening to a priest today who made a fascinating point.  He talked of what occurred when the idea that we are separated from God dies.  When that thought goes, so does our separation from God.

Emanuel Swedenborg wrote of attention to the spiritual being attention to what was real.  God is omnipresent – is everywhere.  As the Bible so beautifully words it – Where can I can go Lord that you are not?

I think many have those moments in which the thought of being separated from God disappears.  We are in the moment and that moment, at times, is pure heaven.

That is the essential unity of creation.  We move away from dualism, from separation, to unity, to the oneness spoken of by Jesus in the Gospel of John.

The priest went to talk of moments near death, moments when the brain “stops”, the chatter “stops”, when the thought we are separate from God “stops.”  What decision is left but to fall into the loving arms of God.  As one dear friend said on his deathbed, “It is all so perfect.”

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