These are God’s gifts. Lets start there.

Important to “right size” ourselves in relation to God.  Given our humanity and western minds, it is easy to think that of course the answer must be bi-nary, an either or.  Either we are all powerful, it is all about us, or we are nothing, completely passive beings given to life.

What if we “rightsized” ourselves through the simple concept that these are God’s gifts.  Lets start there.  I imagine many of us have experienced the unexpected gift – the $50.00 tucked in a birthday card.  Do we “worry” about that $50.00?  Do we spend ours thinking of how to preserve it, how to make it grow?  Do we spend a great deal of time obsessing about that gift reflects us?  Probably not.  Most I imagine think about how to use it.  That is where gift leads us.

There is a way in which when I look at my God-given gifts, if I hold them as gifts, that my clutching ego at least for a moment lets go and allows thoughts about how to use what I have been gifted in.  It is my job to employ it.  This is the New Church concept centered around “as of self.”  I do it “as of self” knowing it is a God given gift, knowing it is not mine.

What is possessively “mine” tends to be used for less than altruistic purposes.  What is God’s I can freely offer because that gift is beyond my own need for credit or blame.

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