I cannot explain the chemistry of this transformation, but those who have gone through know it to be true.

This past weekend we looked at baptism.  As a sacrament, it holds many “mysteries” of transformation. How is that an ancient ritual, 1,00′s of year old, can in any sense be “holy”?  In the fast paced world in which we live, how can it be “moving”?

I would love to be able to answer these questions and, I can’t.  What I know is that at a baptism I am left feeling that we are standing in a holy place, that we are a witness to a thing far larger than the actual moment.  There is little explaining the chemistry of the thing.

I woke this morning to read a deeply moving profile of the 10 Civilian Aid Workers killed in Afghanistan.  Many traveled to Afghanistan as part of they felt was their Christian ministry.  As one individual said, they traveled there not to be the “mouth” of Jesus but to be His “hands and feet.”  How do you put words there?  Read the article – I don’t know that we can.

What I do know is that people like those 10 make my sacrifices for a Christian life seem small.  What I know is that they underwent a “mystery of transformation” I can at best glimpse at this point in time in my life.

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