One Year Anniversary

Life has that breath – in and out.

I read several years ago a book that I think was titled “Congregation.” It was an oral history written by a man who spent one year with a New England congregation in the 80′s. The beauty of it was that it so clearly and candidly showed the ups and downs of life in a church.

It is up and down! There is constant feedback, suggestions, celebrations, concerns, deaths, accidents, births, engagements, weddings, divorces – pain and joy in almost every conceivable disguise.

The one year anniversary service this weekend is a chance to take a breather. Just yesterday I went through one of those momentary panics – Are we doing enough? And then I remembered – 12 in Yoga, 18 in Meditation, 18 in Strength, 20+ in Zumba. That is a lot of folks involved during the week with “Monday Morning Church.” Those low-key social events are every bit as important as the more in-depth weighty ones. It is so nice offering both. That is community.

My hope is to look back in a year and get how small those numbers are.  Or are they?   It is kind of cool thinking about growth and how a system is churning along creating these groups that people really love and that serve their needs – not my need to be in control and offer what I enjoy versus what others need :)

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