In your head and you are dead

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Reading this morning about the dangers of when a church becomes solely about intellectual belief vs. life. Wish I had read it last week and I could have used in Alcatraz I!

This is where I would have tied it in. In the bible passage we looked at Jesus warned this disciples they would be bound over to the synagogues. That pictures in our life, as we move forward, we will have to face a concept of “church” in which the ceremony, the belief, the intellectual construct takes precedence over life, service – love.

Easy to place that battle “out there” but God is always kind enough to remind us that the real battle is “in here.” If we use teachings like this to divide churches that “get it” from churches that don’t, we have fallen into the trap of dualistic thinking – one where our belief supersedes that of another!

My battle starts with knowing that we are on a great path with NewChurch LIVE, a path I love. That can lead to a form of judgmental-ism that holds other churches in low esteem. The result? Blindness to their heart, their love, their needs.  In trying to do it differently, I can fall back to doing it the same.


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