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New Year’s Resolutions

Monday, December 28th, 2009

The traditional New Year’s Resolution breaks down to predictable themes – weight loss, more time with family/ friends, better fitness habits.

Nothing wrong there.  What however, could New Year’s Resolutions look like if we choose to consider them in a deeper way?  In thinking on that topic, I want to offer some ideas around what some questions could look like.

Prayer Life
Do I have a prayer life?  Is my prayer life a living conversation with God?   What is my hope for my prayer life in 2010?

Service/ Giving
How much of my life do I spend truly serving others be that at home, at work, or in the community?  What is my hope for service in 2010?

Consumption/ Getting
Where in my life do I find that my appetites get the better of me?   Where do I need to consume less?  What is my hope for reduced consumption in 2010?

The power of the New Year’s Resolution may lie more in the act of taking the time to look at our lives (where we are), consider our broader goals (where we would like to be), and commit to actions aligned with those goals.   Don’t let the opportunity go by for starting a new path, one you feel called to move towards in your own life journey.